Day two cloud podcast update

Ned Bellavance
3 min read


I am super excited to announce that the Day Two Cloud podcast has officially graduated from the Packet Pushers Community Channel to its own dedicated channel and feed! That means you can directly subscribe to the podcast and listen to informative and educational episodes about operating a cloud on day two and beyond. The guests so far have been fantastic and I already have more episodes queued up for your enjoyment.

You know when I started a music podcast in 2006, I never thought it would go anywhere. And I was absolutely right! I recorded about 13 episodes and then pod-faded into that good night. Then in 2016 I tried my hand at this podcast thing again, except this time it was a technical podcast for my employer. There have been some fits and starts with that one, but it’s got 41 episodes published. Since I didn’t have enough to do at work - heavy sarcasm here - I decided to start a second podcast about tech news on a fortnightly schedule. That podcast became Buffer Overflow, shifted to a weekly schedule, and now is over 100 episodes.

When Ethan from Packet Pushers initially suggested doing a podcast for them, I was surprised to say the least. If I had to guess, I started listening to Packet Pushers podcast - mostly the main feed and Datanauts for about three and a half years. While I had a solid background in most things infrastructure, I hadn’t really ventured into the networking space too much. I had my CCNA, and I sat the first CCNP exam, and I failed. Let’s say I knew enough about networking to be dangerous and talk coherently with the networking guys. One of those networking guys at work knew I listened to podcasts, and suggest I might like the Packet Pushers stuff. That was the beginning of it all. Over the next few years I had both Greg Ferro and Chris Wahl on the AnexiPod to talk about networking and Rubrik respectively. I also was a guest on Datanauts twice, once for Azure Stack and again for Terraform. I began to interact with their team on Twitter, and build a bit of rapport. So when Ethan did reach out about doing a podcast, it wasn’t totally out of left field, but it was a surprise and a great opportunity.

I jumped at the chance! As someone who was already running a couple podcasts, I knew I could do it. The real struggle is getting great guests and earning a great audience. And I do mean earning! Building and maintaining an audience in the world of podcasts is hard, especially with the medium experiencing unprecedented growth. The Packet Pushers have worked tirelessly to earn an audience of loyal listeners, and I was being presented a chance to leverage some of that goodwill for my podcast. But like I said, I have to earn the loyalty of my audience. You might discover Day Two Cloud through Packet Pushers, but will you subscribe and listen? That part is on me. Now that I am out of the community channel and on my own, it’s time to really ramp things up. And that, dear potential listener, is where you come in.

Do you have a topic you’d like to talk about on the show? Are there guests you would suggest? Do you have some feedback on the format of the show? I want to hear from you! Please hit me up on Twitter, my DMs are open. Regardless, I hope that you will give the podcast a chance, and that you find it helpful and informative.