Hashi corp boundary dev error on windows

Ned Bellavance
1 min read


This is going to be a quick one. You’ve probably already heard about HashiCorp’s new Boundary project announced at HashiConf. If not, you can check out my YouTube video all about it.

When I tried to fire up the dev instance to take Boundary for a test drive, I immediately got an unpleasant error:

Error creating dev database container: unable to start dev database with dialect postgres: could not start resource: : Post "http://localhost:2375/images/create?fromImage=postgres&tag=12": dial tcp [::1]:2375: connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

I learned two things quickly:

  1. The dev server for Boundary uses Docker
  2. Boundary was having trouble talking to my install of Docker Desktop

If you’re in a similar boat, the fix is super easy! Open up the settings for Docker Desktop and tick this box:

Then click Apply & Restart. That’s it.

Told you it was easy! Have fun playing with Boundary! I know I will.