Day Two Cloud 086: AWS Succession – Ham Sandwich Edition

This week’s episode of Day Two Cloud is an open discussion between me, Drew Conry-Murray, and Ethan Banks regarding the successor to Andy Jassy as AWS CEO. Drew had made an off-hand comment suggesting that Amazon could put a ham sandwich in charge of AWS and it would still perform just as well. I challenged Drew to argue his point, and Ethan took up the counterpoint. It’s a lively discussion and I highly recommend giving it a listen.

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Day Two Cloud 085: Hosting Your Infrastructure Code in the Cloud

This week’s Day Two Cloud episode features Calvin Hendryx-Parker talking to me and Ethan about moving to an Infrastructure as Code approach and hosting that approach in the cloud. We really hit the ground running, and soon we were digging into the details of how to separate application and infra code, being kind to your future self, and taking advantage of cloud native services like Lambda.

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Day Two Cloud 084: So You Want To Be A Consultant

Consulting is the type of job that can really push your abilities to the limit, and independent consulting does that while also making you an accountant, marketer, and HR. In episode 84 of Day Two Cloud, Ethan and I talk with Anthony Nocentino and Michael Jenkins about their experience working as consultants. We all share how working for yourself as an independent consultant can be incredibly rewarding and also soul destroying.

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Buffer Overflow 194: Verizon Quibs It.

Looks like we’ve invented a new term, to Quib it. Based off the massive failure that was Quibi, to Quib means to fail despite having all necessary resources and with a significant amount of hubris. I don’t know if we can make Quib happen, but I’m enjoying it regardless. I think it’s fetch.

In this week’s episode of Buffer Overflow, we are diving into the latest Verizon outage that happened for reasons that are still unclear – and will likely remain so. We use the outage as a jumping off point to talk about the fragility of the internet (it really is all duct tape, chicken wire, and hope), how to properly prepare for an inevitable outage (hint: don’t put your status page on the service it is monitoring), and why we need more transparency when it comes to internet connectivity from companies like Verizon.

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Day Two Cloud 083: Should Cloud Be A Public Utility?

Well? Should it? This was a tremendous episode with Dwayne Monroe where we discussed the concept of a public cloud available as a utility or at least a public offering for educational institutions and lower income folks. We had a good debate, especially over whether the government is capable of successfully executing and managing such a project given all the bureaucracy that tends to cruft over most well-intentioned government programs.

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