Microsoft Windows is dead, long live Lite OS

On last week’s Buffer Overflow we were talking about this very strange blog post from Microsoft about a “Modern OS” and what it should include. It’s obvious that Microsoft has something big brewing over in Redmond. In the build-up to \build, rumors were flying fast and free that Microsoft was going to unveil their new Lite OS and provide a roadmap for development. That did not happen, and the blog post from Computex seems to indicate that while Microsoft is definitely developing something that is not Windows, they aren’t quite ready to share with the world what that “Modern OS” actually is. The more I think about it, I believe that Microsoft might be poised to come barreling back into the mobile market from a totally unexpected direction.

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Going Cloud Native with Pure Storage Purity

As a Cloud Field Day 5 delegate, I attended a presentation from Pure Storage regarding how their products are embracing the cloud. Whenever a storage vendor starts talking about embracing the cloud, I start to get a bit wary. In general, what they actually mean is they have created a virtualized version of their array, running on IaaS, using the public cloud. Or it could mean that they now have the ability to send data up to the public cloud from a local datacenter. Is that what Pure came to the table with? Yes. At least that was part of the presentation, but they actually had additional product details that I felt moved the needle and showed some real innovation.

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Rubrik’s Build is all about education

I was a delegate for Cloud Field Day 5 back in April. One of the companies presenting was Rubrik. They also presented at CFD 3, where I was a delegate for the first time. Their presentation for CFD 3 knocked it out of the park! Watching Chris Wahl and Rebecca Fitzhugh present was a delight. Needless to say I came into the CFD 5 session with high hopes. The results this time around were a bit mixed, and it was only after reflection that I understood what was going on.

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Time for a new adventure

This post is about my recent decision to leave my current employer for a new opportunity to launch Ned in the Cloud LLC. I want to be very clear up front that I hold no ill will towards Anexinet or anyone who works there. Over the past six and a half years I’ve been provided with tremendous opportunity to grow and expand, and try out new things.

My search for a new job started about eight months ago. I told my parents that I was looking for a new job, and my Mom kind of freaked out. “Why would you leave a perfectly good job?”, was her main question. And it’s a fair one. She also worked at the same school for her entire career as a librarian, so she’s got some preconceived notions on the topic. Still though, it’s a fair question on why I would leave a well-paying job, at a stable company, that treats me well. There are reasons! And here they are:

  1. I accepted a position two years ago that I do not really like.
  2. I am kind of done with IT consulting.
  3. I am ready for a new company.

Let me expand on these a bit.

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Sysdig – Monitoring via eBPF

A few weeks ago I attended a presentation by Sysdig as part of Cloud Field Day 5. Prior to attending CFD5 I did a little research about the company and their products and wrote up a quick post where I posed a few questions. I think some of those questions were answered by the presenters. The questions were:

  • Do you currently support or plan to support container deployments using AWS Fargate or Azure Container Instances?
  • Is Sysdig a marketplace item in AWS or Azure today to simplify deployment?
  • How are you handling balancing open-source and paid products? Are there plans to open-source the whole solution like Chef just did?
  • What are you doing with all the aggregated monitoring data you are getting from clients?
  • What are the major security concerns with your solution and how are you addressing them?

You can watch all three videos on YouTube. Below are a few thoughts and a bit of a deep dive on how Sysdig is capturing and storing their information.

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