Everything is Broken…Still

Earlier this week Amazon Web Service’s Simple Storage Service, better known as S3, was experiencing higher than normal error rates in the us-east-1 region, i.e. S3 was down.  To put that into perspective, it also means that several high-profile websites and applications were experiencing major issues.  As you may know, S3 has a 99.9% SLA uptime, and it’s been down for a couple hours now.  I’m no math genius, but that’s more than the 44 minutes a 99.9% uptime per month requires.  Continue reading “Everything is Broken…Still”

Trends for 2017

The end of 2016 is here, and I think many of us are breathing a sigh of relief.  The year has not been kind to some, and has been described as a “dumpster fire” by others.  On the whole, I actually think that 2016 was a pretty decent year, or at least no worse than most previous years.  But I am a bit biased since my second daughter was born in June, and she is awesome!  That’ll tip the scales regardless of what else happened.  Anyhow, I digress.  The tech industry has seen a lot of change, with new technologies emerging and companies innovating at a rapid pace.  I’d like to use this post to take a look at a few of those trends, and which ones I will be keeping an eye on in the coming year.

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Everything is Broken

Everything is Broken…

There’s more than one occasion where I have uttered the phrase, “Why can’t this just work?”  Usually after battling it out with some piece of software that the marketing fluff described as “simple” and “easy-to-use” and turns out to be more like incredibly complex and completely undocumented.  I want my technology to just work, but I also want it to be cutting-edge, infinitely configurable, and fully documented.  Those who are familiar with the Project Management Triangle may realize that having all three is impossible.  To which I say, what about in n-th dimensions?

Seriously though, I have noticed that with the speed of innovation, especially in the cloud, most things that are released are at least partly broken.  And that’s not just for beta or preview features, generally available features and functionality are buggy and partly undocumented.  Major releases of software have always had some bugs, which is why “It ain’t done till SP1” was a mantra among the Microsoft cognoscenti.

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Burned Bridges

There’s a really good Coalesce song called Burned Bridges, which The Get Up Kids covered. Both versions are awesome so go take a listen, I’ll wait.

The reason I bring it up is not just because it’s a good song, which it is, but because some people prefer to flame out and burn bridges. Recently, I heard that someone I worked with had put in their notice, which was probably a good idea. He had been at the same place a long time, and had become enmeshed in the politics of the organization, and not in a positive way. This led him to be defensive, secretive, and at times cantankerous. A fresh start was definitely in order for both him, and the department he worked in. So, a win-win for everyone. Continue reading “Burned Bridges”

My Three Pillars

In the last six years I have been lucky enough in IT to be fairly successful and advance my career.  Lately I’ve been reflecting on what I did right, and what I might change.  In looking to the future and where my path is going, I find I have to look into the past and better understand how I got here.  While there was no definitive five year plan, I think there were three pillars that served me faithfully to enable growth and advancement. Continue reading “My Three Pillars”