Get Into the Groove

This weekend I got to run in my first race since the pandemic. It was a little weird, a little awkward, and I was a little out of practice. And that’s a solid analogy for all of us post-pandemic. Seems like the keys is to take it slow, expect it to be strange, and give yourself and others grace to stumble.

Colocation is about Connection

Should you be in the data center business? What is the big benefit of moving into a colocation facility? The answer is connectivity. To the cloud, to your users, and to other businesses. Colocation providers aren’t just providing rack space and power. They’re providing a robust set of connection options to the edge, the cloud, and everything in between.

Day Two Cloud 101: Collaboration is the Thing

When I was in high school and college, we had to do a lot of group projects and I always loathed them. In part, it was because I like working on things by myself. But it was also because I knew I would end up leading the group and probably doing more work than anyone else. That’s not to brag, it has more to do with the fact that I didn’t trust anyone else to do a good enough job. In the years since, I’ve learned two important things.

  1. People on your team are going to be better at things than you.
  2. People on your team are going to know things you don’t.

As I moved into professional life, I finally realized what all those group projects were trying to tell me. As an individual contributor or someone in a leadership position, you are almost always going to be working in a group setting. And that’s because groups are more effective at getting things done than a single human — except for all you mythical 10x engineers out there.

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Open RAN will change everything

If Edge is the future, why is it taking so long? The answer is routing. There’s no real advantage to dropping solutions at a tower if you can’t get them directly. Public and private 5G networks are going to fix the routing problem. And that is going to change everything.

The 40 Hour Workweek is Dumb

I do a lot of project based work, and the goal is to accomplish projects within a set timeframe. As long as I produce high quality content within an agreed upon timeframe, it shouldn’t matter how long it actually took me to do the work. And yet, I still have this nagging idea in the back of my head about working 40 hours.