Buffer Overflow 194: Verizon Quibs It.

By Published On: February 11, 2021

Looks like we’ve invented a new term, to Quib it. Based off the massive failure that was Quibi, to Quib means to fail despite having all necessary resources and with a significant amount of hubris. I don’t know if we can make Quib happen, but I’m enjoying it regardless. I think it’s fetch.

In this week’s episode of Buffer Overflow, we are diving into the latest Verizon outage that happened for reasons that are still unclear – and will likely remain so. We use the outage as a jumping off point to talk about the fragility of the internet (it really is all duct tape, chicken wire, and hope), how to properly prepare for an inevitable outage (hint: don’t put your status page on the service it is monitoring), and why we need more transparency when it comes to internet connectivity from companies like Verizon.

While I am always skeptical of government’s ability to provide a quality public good, I am increasingly convinced that the ISPs should be public utilities and not private companies beholden to no one. You not only have the privilege of paying for their service, you also have become their commodity as they harvest and collect all the metadata you transfer across the wire. Why? To sell you stuff, of course. A public, non-profit utility would not have the same perverted incentives and could also be required by law to provide service to lower income households.

Not convinced? I guess I would say that if you’re concerned about poor service and poor management, the current raft of ISPs is already scraping the bottom of the barrel. Why not listen to our episode and decide for yourself? You might also find out something about IPv4 addresses and Microsoft latest foray into Open Source!