I’ve been rocking podcasts since 2005, but I didn’t actually start making them until 2016. Currently I host or cohost several podcasts.   I have also been a guest on other podcasts as well, and it’s something I enjoy tremendously.  Hit me up on Twitter, LinkedIn, or through my contact page if you’d like to have me on your podcast.

Day Two Cloud is published by Packet Pushers and deals with the reality of running workloads in the cloud on day two and beyond.  Buffer Overflow is a weekly tech news podcast – published by Anexinet – that I host along with three other individuals.  AnexiPod is a podcast – also published by Anexinet – dedicated to exploring various enterprise technology solutions, including infrastructure, application development, analytics, and anything else that is shiny.

You can listen and subscribe to any of these podcasts below.  If you are interested in being a guest on Day Two Cloud, please fill out this contact form.