Is AWS going to destroy your business?

There was a recent article on CNBC talking about how AWS is creating new solutions that could potentially put existing companies out of business. That prompted a tweet from Matthew Prince about how if you are running your company on AWS, you are feeding them data about how to beat you. Prince is certainly not the first to make this leap of logic, and I am certain he won’t be the last. During the Microsoft Ignite Keynote this year, Satya Nadella said something similar about choosing a public cloud partner. Here’s the direct quote:

“If you’re dependent on a provider, who through some game theory construct, is providing you a commodity on one end, only to compete with you on another end. Then you could be making another strategic mistake.”

Is any of this true? Does is matter if you run your company on AWS or Azure? Is AWS or Amazon going to destroy your business? I have some thoughts.

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