Day Two Cloud 090: Winging it with HashiCorp Vault

This episode of Day Two Cloud featured yours truly talking Ethan through the world of HashiCorp Vault. It sprung from some conversations we’d had earlier about how he could better secure the secrets and API keys he uses in his Python scripts. We had a last minute guest cancellation, so we decided to wing it and do a whole episode without a script. I think it went well! In part because Ethan is an excellent interviewer, and also because all the Vault knowledge was fresh in my head. There is one thing that bothers me about the episode, and it’s too late to change it now. It’s about the master key.

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Day Two Cloud 082: You Don’t Need a Service Mesh

This week’s Day Two Cloud episode features Matt Klein, Lyft plumber and writer of Envoy. We discuss not only the need for service meshes, but more broadly the need for any new technology within your organization. Based on previous panels I have seen Matt participate on, I knew this was going to be an interesting episode. But I had no idea how just how excellent it would be! Seriously, give it a listen.

During the episode, Matt made the argument that companies should not adopt new technology for its own sake, rather they should be laser focused on what the business needs are and ensure that current technology is meeting those needs. Assuming it is, then they should not try and introduce new technology, as that will introduce new bugs and potential instability. On the surface, I broadly agree with what Matt said, but I tried to articulate a counterpoint. I did so badly in the moment, so I thought maybe I could try and flesh out my thoughts here instead.

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Day Two Cloud Podcast update

I am super excited to announce that the Day Two Cloud podcast has officially graduated from the Packet Pushers Community Channel to its own dedicated channel and feed! That means you can directly subscribe to the podcast and listen to informative and educational episodes about operating a cloud on day two and beyond. The guests so far have been fantastic and I already have more episodes queued up for your enjoyment.

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Day Two Cloud Podcast Launched

In case you didn’t notice, the Day Two Cloud podcast has officially launched! Big thanks to Tim Warner and Kenny Lowe for being the guests in the first two episodes! There is a lot more great content coming. I’ve got ten more episodes already recorded, and two more scheduled. If I stick to a fortnightly schedule for publishing, that should take me through July. That is pretty ridiculous!!! Needless to say that I am already considering moving to a weekly schedule.

I’ve had a few people ask me about where the podcast is hosted, what topics I might be interested in, and what my process is for publishing. The process for recording and publishing is a whole post unto itself, but I can address the other two topics here.

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Day Two Cloud Podcast

One of my goals for 2019 was to launch a new podcast. That process has officially started. The podcast is going to be called Day Two Cloud. I sent a tweet last week about the podcast to see if anyone would be interested in being a guest. The reaction was overwhelming. I was hoping to get two or three people to be guests. Instead I now have 14 interviews booked, and more people who are interested. I thought I would take to time to lay out what the podcast is meant to be, along with answers to FAQs that I have received from potential guests and listeners.

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