Running Ansible on Windows 10

I’ve been going through Ansible training for work, and I want to be able to easily try out some of the playbooks and modules on my Windows 10 box. There’s lots of ways I could go about this, but for me the thing that makes the most sense is to leverage Docker for Windows (DfW) and the magic of containers to be able to get up and running quickly. In this post I will walk through what I did to get started, and why I landed on containers instead of another solution.

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System Recovery for an HPE HyperConverged 250 running VMware

This is a technical post for someone trying to reset a node or an entire HC250 appliance running VMware.  This is specific to the latest release of the recovery software for the HC250 running ESXi 6.0 update 2.  If you have followed the directions for restoring the node which are included in the HPE Hyper Converged 250 System for VMware vSphere User Guide then you will have downloaded the necessary files and created a USB drive to perform the node reset.  And that’s where things start to fall apart. Continue reading “System Recovery for an HPE HyperConverged 250 running VMware”

Hyperconverged Infrastructure: The story so far

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed that HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) is a fast-growing segment of the hardware market.  At least that’s what all the marketing campaigns and analysts are saying.  Gartner said earlier this year that the HCI market will grow to consume 24% of the integrated systems market by 2019.  According to IDC, HCI systems made up 11.4% of integrated systems sales in Q42015 with a YoY growth of 170.5%.  Of course to a certain degree this is derived from vendors pushing HCI very hard at the consumer and in the channel.  I can’t tell you how many briefings, webinars, and marketing campaigns I’ve been hit with about HCI in the last 12 months.  Excessive is the word that comes most readily to mind.  Nevertheless, where there’s smoke there is likely hyperconverged fire.   Continue reading “Hyperconverged Infrastructure: The story so far”