stole the show at Cloud Field Day 6

I attended Cloud Field Day 6 this September and my favorite presentation hands-down was from There were other strong contenders, but Idit and Christian stole the show with their laser-precise product focus, infectious enthusiasm, and high-quality demonstrations. I overhead someone say that it was a masterclass in how to do a Tech Field Day presentation, which is especially impressive for a first-time presenter. I wrote a post about what I thought of’s various projects before I went to CFD, here are my updated thoughts on their offering and the team behind it.

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Cloud Field Day 6 Prep – Hammerspace and

This is part of a series of posts I’m writing as I prepare to attend Cloud Field Day 6. There are a total of eight presenters planned for CFD6, and I am going to cover two vendors per post. My goal is to have a basic understanding of each vendor’s product portfolio with a focus on cloud related products. Some of these vendors I am already familiar with, and others are new to me. In this post we are going to look Hammerspace and

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