Sysdig – Monitoring via eBPF

A few weeks ago I attended a presentation by Sysdig as part of Cloud Field Day 5. Prior to attending CFD5 I did a little research about the company and their products and wrote up a quick post where I posed a few questions. I think some of those questions were answered by the presenters. The questions were:

  • Do you currently support or plan to support container deployments using AWS Fargate or Azure Container Instances?
  • Is Sysdig a marketplace item in AWS or Azure today to simplify deployment?
  • How are you handling balancing open-source and paid products? Are there plans to open-source the whole solution like Chef just did?
  • What are you doing with all the aggregated monitoring data you are getting from clients?
  • What are the major security concerns with your solution and how are you addressing them?

You can watch all three videos on YouTube. Below are a few thoughts and a bit of a deep dive on how Sysdig is capturing and storing their information.

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Cloud Field Day – Sysdig

I will be a delegate for Cloud Field Day 5 on April 10-12. During the event we will be attending presentations from several vendors, which will be livestreamed. Before I leave on this grand adventure, I wanted to familiarize myself with each of the presenters and consider how their product/solution integrates with cloud computing. I’m also interested to hear from you about what questions you might have for each vendor, or topics you’d like me to bring up. As a delegate, I am meant to represent the larger IT community, so I want to know what you think! In this post I am going to consider Sysdig and what they have to offer in the cloud world.

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