The Daily Check-In

The Daily Check-In is my daily live-stream on YouTube. Every weekday at 11:30AM, I jump on to talk about a selected topic for about 10 minutes. The live-stream is also available as an audio podcast on

The genesis behind the Daily Check-In was several different partners asking me to do short video segments. It forced me to try my hand at making videos, and I found that I liked the format and the simplicity of creating video content. You just turn on the camera and talk right? There’s a bit more to it than that, but honestly not much. Compared to the amount of effort required to write a great blog post or create a captivating webinar, video is simple and appears to be more engaging.

I am not monetizing the Daily Check-In in the same way I don’t monetize this blog. I just want to talk about something interesting and I hope that others find value in it. If you have suggestions for future topics, hit me up on Twitter!

Oh, and if you don’t mind subscribing to the channel, I’d really appreciate it.