Buffer Overflow 193: Toilet Face Recognition

In this week’s Buffer Overflow we cover some interesting highlights of CES 2021, including my personal favorite the Coldsnap ice cream dispenser. It’s basically a Keurig for ice cream, except the pods are recyclable by default. You can’t order it yet, but you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be getting it as soon as possible. We also had some lively discussion regarding anus recognition technology – you’ll have to listen to learn more.

Failing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam

As you may have gathered from the title, I did NOT pass the CKA exam. The title is not some clickbait where I turn things around and explain how I passed the exam by doing X, Y, and Z. Nope, I failed. And failure is important. You learn more from your failures than your successes, as anyone who has tried to build a CI/CD pipeline or write a piece of code can attest. There’s always going to be a lot of red before you see a hint of green. In this post I want to talk about what I did to prepare, what I should have done, and what I plan to do before retaking the exam. Yes, dear reader, I am going to retake the exam and this time I will PASS!

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2020 Year in Review

2020 was… a year. Or more like a decade packed into a single year. Looking back at everything that happened, it seems both too much and not enough. Conferences were cancelled, schools were closed, Zoom proficiency spiked, and we all added several new words to our vocabulary. This post is not meant to rehash our shared trauma of 2020, but I need to at least acknowledge it as a driving factor for the year. At the beginning of the year, I set out some ideas and goals for the year. Let’s see how I fared given all that happened.

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HashiCorp Boundary Dev Error on Windows

This is going to be a quick one. You’ve probably already heard about HashiCorp’s new Boundary project announced at HashiConf. If not, you can check out my YouTube video all about it.

When I tried to fire up the dev instance to take Boundary for a test drive, I immediately got an unpleasant error:

Error creating dev database container: unable to start dev database with dialect postgres: could not start resource: : Post "http://localhost:2375/images/create?fromImage=postgres&tag=12": dial tcp [::1]:2375: connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

I learned two things quickly:

  1. The dev server for Boundary uses Docker
  2. Boundary was having trouble talking to my install of Docker Desktop

If you’re in a similar boat, the fix is super easy! Open up the settings for Docker Desktop and tick this box:

Then click Apply & Restart. That’s it.

Told you it was easy! Have fun playing with Boundary! I know I will.

Use HashiCorp Vault AWS engine with multiple accounts

I received a question recently on how to properly configure the AWS secrets engine on HashiCorp Vault to work with multiple AWS accounts. It took me a bit, but I did figure out how to do it and what the limitations are. In this post, I will break down how the secrets engine works and how to use it to dynamically create credentials across multiple AWS accounts using the assume_role feature.

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