Day two cloud podcast launched

Ned Bellavance
4 min read


In case you didn’t notice, the Day Two Cloud podcast has officially launched! Big thanks to Tim Warner and Kenny Lowe for being the guests in the first two episodes! There is a lot more great content coming. I’ve got ten more episodes already recorded, and two more scheduled. If I stick to a fortnightly schedule for publishing, that should take me through July. That is pretty ridiculous!!! Needless to say that I am already considering moving to a weekly schedule.

I’ve had a few people ask me about where the podcast is hosted, what topics I might be interested in, and what my process is for publishing. The process for recording and publishing is a whole post unto itself, but I can address the other two topics here.

The seed for the Day Two Cloud podcast was planted by Ethan Banks. He hosts the Datanauts podcast with Chris Wahl, and one of their most popular episodes for 2018 was called Getting to Day 2 Cloud. It’s a seriously good episode, go check it out. I have been on Datanauts a couple times myself. Once for Azure Stack and again for Terraform. And then most recently I was a presenter and panelist for their Virtual Design Clinic series of virtual conferences. Basically, Ethan knew that cloud was a popular topic, and could potentially be its own podcast. He also knew that I have more than a passing interest in cloud and have a lot of experience in running podcasts. So he approached me about developing a cloud specific podcast for Packet Pushers, and I happily agreed! The process for getting a podcast going with Packet Pushers is to first publish at least five episodes in the Community Feed. This shows that you aren’t going to podfade and lets you work out the format and details of the podcast. Once things seem to have stabilized, the podcast graduates to its own channel. Obviously I’ve already got enough raw material recorded to make it well past the five episode mark, so now it is a matter of time. Once the podcast has graduated to its own channel, I think I will probably bump it up to a weekly podcast. Time will tell.

In terms of topics for Day Two Cloud, I definitely have some broad categories as well as specific interests. Broadly the topics break down into the following categories:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Monitoring of Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery and Resiliency
  • Security in the Cloud
  • Using PaaS Cloud Solutions
  • Cost Management in the Cloud
  • Application Deployment in the Cloud
  • Skills Gaps and Training

Those are some of the broad categories, and by no means exhaustive. The guests I have had on so far have been leaning towards the Azure side of things. That’s in part because when I lit the Bat-Signal for podcast guests, the Microsoft MVP community was made aware. And they came flocking in droves. Seriously, Microsoft MVPs are the freakin’ best. It also means that things feel a little lop-sided. I’d like to rectify that by getting more people from the AWS and GCP communities involved. I’d also love to hear from someone using a smaller player in the cloud space, like Digital Ocean or Oracle Cloud. Why are they choosing that platform? What are the benefits? I’d also like to talk about some specific products and services and get a feel for how they work in the real world. That includes stuff like:

  • Kubernetes
  • Fargate or ACI
  • No Code Automation
  • AWS Landing Zones or Azure Blueprints
  • Terraform/Ansible/Salt
  • VMware on AWS
  • Snowball Edge and GreenGrass

If you you have experience with any of these topics and want to be a guest, please let me know! Hit me up on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email Ned-@-Ned-in-the-Cloud-com. I’m considering adding a form to the website for people who are interested in being a guest to make things easier. In the meantime, look for the next few episodes where I’ll be covering things like Immutable Infrastructure with Rob Hirschfeld and a Failed Azure Deployment with Iris Classon.