Pluralsight Problems

I came across this Yahoo! Finance article via a LinkedIn post from Don Jones, and much like him I had a visceral reaction while reading it. The pit of my stomach dropped, my …

Ned Bellavance 11 min read

2023 Year in Review

If I’m being honest, 2023 was a mixed bag. There were several factors that lead to a serious drop in revenue (-30%!) for Ned in the Cloud versus 2022. However, I connected …

Ned Bellavance 19 min read

New Site, Who Dis?

If you’re reading this, then I must have done something correct. That’s right dear reader, I’ve migrated my website off of Wordpress and onto Netlify using Hugo. …

Ned Bellavance 4 min read

Planning for 2023

For 2022, I didn’t go into the new year with a solid plan for what I wanted to accomplish, and more importantly what I wasn’t going to do. As a result, I ended up …

Ned Bellavance 9 min read

2022 Year in Review

As 2022 winds to a close, it’s time to reflect back on the year. There were some triumphs, some failures, and a fair bit of frustration as I continue to try and figure out …

Ned Bellavance 17 min read

My HashiConf Global 2022 Experience

This post was sponsored by HashiCorp, see the bottom for more details Before we get into the announcements and the event, I want to pause for a moment and just acknowledge how …

Ned Bellavance 6 min read

What I'm Excited About At HashiConf Global 2022

This post was sponsored by HashiCorp, see the bottom for more details As I prepare for HashiConf Global in a couple weeks, I thought I would share the things that I am most excited …

Ned Bellavance 6 min read

Diversity Starts with Me

A couple weeks ago I received a notification from Onalytica that I would be included in their latest Who’s Who in Cloud? report for 2022 under the category of Content …

Ned Bellavance 8 min read

2021 Year in Review

Entering 2021, I think we all were happy to say adios to 2020 and harbor a little hope for the coming year. After all, we had several viable vaccines about to roll out, meaning …

Ned Bellavance 14 min read